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First Look: Teaser for Rob Graydon's Z.O.V.

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Here is the first teaser/trailer for Rob Graydon's Horror/ Sci-Fi short film, Z.O.V.  The story of five people trapped in an underground bunker surrounded by the infected undead.  The film will be presented entirely from the point of view one person's point of view.  A special rig, including the BlackMagic pocket cinema, was built to be mounted to the main actor's head to create the illusion.



Woodlawn Cemetery Releases its First 'DID YOU KNOW?" Spot - Directed by Rob Graydon

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The Woodlawn Cemetery has released it's first spot of five for it's "Did You Know?" awareness campaign.  The first spot highlights Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick.  Shot on the RED Epic in green screen by DP Richard Mauro and Directed by Rob Graydon.  Rob also performed the post production/ animation chores.  All five spots star Katherine Dickson.



Rob Graydon to Handle Multimedia Chores for The Woodlawn Cemetery's New Campaign

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Rob Graydon will be overseeing the multimedia for The Woodlawn Cemetery's new "DID YOU KNOW" campaign to boost awareness for the famous site.  Rob will be providing video content for the Cemetery's YouTube channel and web site as well as supervising still photography and voice over work for their web site and other venues. 

Since Woodlawn's founding in 1863, 310,000 people, from Gilded Age magnates to pioneers for women's rights to Harlem Renaissance writers and musicians, as well as artists, athletes, and ordinary citizens, have been interred on the cemetery's 400 acres.  The National Landmark is the final resting place for such historic figures as Miles Davis, Herman Melville, Ella Fitzgerald, Leroy Neiman and countless others.



Rob Graydon Inks Deal To Direct/Edit Reality Show Pilot

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Rob Graydon has just signed on to oversee the completion of the pilot of a new reality show.  Alongside "TEEN MOM" Producer/ Co-Director Heather Walsh, Rob will complete the filming and edit of the pilot about a former Mafia member who, after being acquitted of all charges against him, chooses to lead a legitimate life.  "He has to overcome a few hurdles first, like his friends who seem to keep nudging him back into the life," says Graydon.  "It's going to be quite funny, sometimes heartbreaking, frustrating and heartfelt because that's everything this person is."  If the series gets picked up, Walsh and Graydon will remain on as Executive Producers.


Rob Graydon works as Field Producer for EPIXHD.com on "The Secret Policemen's Ball'

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epixRob Graydon recently worked as field producer for EpixHD.com's coverage of 'The Secret Policemen's Ball' at Radio City Music Hall.  The job included coordinating interviews with celebrities (Including Reggie Watts, Paul Rudd, Matt Berry, Eddie Izzard and more), wrangling and prepping video crews as well as working directly with EpixHD's host, Lance Bass.  Rob also pulled double duty with England's channel UK4 during the performance itself.  

Rob Graydon interviews Tom Wolfe for Endemol UK

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Rob Graydon recently interviewed world renowned author Tom Wolfe for a British documentary on poet Felix Dennis for Endemol UK. Shot by cinematographer Ted Ciesielski in Wolfe's library, he reflects on meeting Dennis (whom he refers to as the 21st century Kipling) as well as reading his poetry for the camera.  No release date is set yet.



Amahoro Women Rwanda/ Congo Documentary

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This film premiered at the What BETTER Looks Like - Amahoro Women's Circle on January 23rd at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington, Long Island. I edited this and did all post.

Edited/Post Rob Graydon  Video Celestin Gatarayiha


Rob Graydon completes "NETS ALL NEW" Spot for YES Network

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it's all new-newark

Rob has recently finished spots for the Nets campaign, "NETS ALL NEW".  The spots are a currently running on YES and other sports networks.  It also ran during the final four airing on ABC.  Rob is also working on an iPad app for the Nets involving Russian Owner Mikhail Prokhorov, Mayor Bloomberg and Music Mogul Jay-Z.



Prop from "La Soledad"

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Buelo_poster001Here is a prop from the short film, "LA SOLEDAD".  We see it briefly at the end when a main character spots it at a critical moment.  We couldn't get any photos of actor Joe Menchaca (who plays Buelo) as a young man to show him on a poster from his singing hey day.  By pure coincidence (though I don't believe in that) I came across an old photo of my late father who was a jazz musician himself.  I thought it would be a nice homage to him and we put it in the poster.  The day before the first day of shooting, art director Erik Shearer emailed me and asked for a name of an opening act for Buelo to put on the poster.  I was in a frantic hurry getting out of my house and I typed without thinking, "Jose Torres y los Gatos".  When I got in my car it dawned on me that the opening act was pretty much a Spanish "Josie and the Pussycats".

The poster was designed beautifully by Graphic Designer Sonia Nikolic. The film's Art Director, Erik Shearer... awesome.